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Well, tomarrow are the anual 1/4 mile races in my country and there is money in the bet. Whe have three or four camaros, a challenger , a Dart, but in what I'm really interesting in bet is in the racing of the subarus against the EVO's.
Ok maybe some of you guys will help me with the 1/4 mile times of this cars and tell me to wich car I can put my bet in.
We Have:(sorry, no 3000 in the contest)
(Subaru Impreza GT : base model, 4 wheel drive with 220 hp )
(Subaru Impreza WRX: 279 hp, 4 wheel drive of course)

1) Impreza GT: Transmision "S2", Link, anti lag, Drag wheels,all carbon filber hoses (or somethink like that), exhaust, intake (K&N)
2)Impreza GT: Turbo VF 24, injectors of the WRX, bigger intercooler, Link, Exhaust, (year of fabrication 2000- the others are from 1996 to 1998)
3)Impreza GT: turbo VF24, injector of the WRX, exhaust, intake (HKS) , EVC,Intercooler
4)Impreza GT: Garret turbo HKS , bigger inyectos, intercooler, boost controler.
5)Impreza GT: Link
6)Impreza GT: boost controller, Intake exhaust
7),8) Impreza GT, satandard
9) Impreza WRX: boost controler, intake, exhaust
10)impreza WRX: EVC, intake, exhaust, intercooler
11)Impreza WRX: standard
12)Impreza STI (maybe he will not go)
13) Evo 5 : cluth rally art.
14)Evo 6 : intake and exaust
15)Evo 7 : standard

these are the cars that are running on saturday, I'm allmost pretty sure abot the mods, and have no Idea of the times in 1/4 mile, I only now that a Impreza GT standard make 13,55 in 1/4 mile. I now this because in 1999 four imprezas Gt standard run and they make allmost the same time 13,5.
Ok, guys , if someone is really fanatic of the calculator can tell me wich of this cars is suppose to win so a make some $$$$$$$$ in the bet
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