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"Saleen" Mustang, Part 2

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Remember when I told you guys about the kid at work with the Saleen Mustang that I wanted to race? Remember how he cracked up his rims and some body by driving VERY fast in wet weather? Well, even though he couldn't afford the obscene repair bill (upwards of 2g's), he finally got his grandparents to fix it for him with a loan. So he finally got it back and I got a good chance to look at it. (I'd seen it once, breifly, on my way in to work but never had a good look). When I got up close, I realized its not a Saleen, but a Raush Mustang. He SAID it was a Saleen, but I guess I should've figured he had no clue what he had. So my bad guys for giving misinformation. Anyway, Raush 'stangs are pretty beastly too, so I figured it'd still be a fun race. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll ever get to race that car, since yesterday (less than a week after getting it back), he missed a shift at 90mph, and went into 2nd gear.

R.I.P. V8

He's NEVER going to be able to fix it.

I'm sort of dissapointed. And I feel sorry for that poor car. :(

He should've spent less on the car and more on driving school, I guess.
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oh shit, thats gotta be crazy. I wonder what that would feel like to go into second gear at 90 miles per hour...ouch!
Based on what he told me, it sounded like putting some cutlery in an industrial blender, and setting it to "puree." First, a terribly high pitched "whirring" noise, followed by crunches and grinding.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I thought this story belonged in "War Stories" because even though I didn't kill it, it is DEFINITELY a kill.
ouch.....:( ....driving school anyone:rolleyes:
Depends on what Stage it is...

Stage I & II are just regular GT's with a Roush body, suspension and brake upgrades, stickers, seats, wheels, etc. and some of those things are optional too. Now a Stage III, which is Supercharged can do 0-60 under 5 seconds...

So the Stage I & II are no big deal, but they are nice looking...
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