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Have i next problem with my 1gen. 92.

i installed safc2 according to the instructions (all connections checked several times, cut pin 70 blue yellow, orange to MAF, pink to ECU)
Safc reading all correctly throttle, Knock, RPM, but not read and convert Karman signal - i see 3hz all time. Snorts and shakes as with disconnected MAF + check engine related to the maf and very rich AFR (under 10 at idle)
if I connect the blue and yellow pin 70 to the original everything is back to normal.SAFC2 other pins then it is also connected and nothing causes problems.
safc settings correct. Karman, 6 cyl, arrow up. corrections 0%.
Have i 550cc and without SAFC work correct- Fuel trim slightly rich approx. 12 AFR.
When I connect pink and orange problems as above.

have you had similar problems?
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