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s2k killed

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just getting on the freeway this punk ass yellow s2k zooms passed me on the right as I'm merging. fucker cut me off so bad (almost hit me!) I was ready to hunt him down and kill him. I punch it, pulled up beside him on the left, flip him off, lip off "pull over", he looks at me, sneers, then the dick head stomps on it. He was a head of me for about a second, I pull infront of his (slow) ass and slammed on the brakes. It must have scared the shit out of him, cuz abruptly he veers hard right and stomps on the brakes and takes this wacko exit that basically leads to the industrial part of town. whatever. crazy road rage on my part tho. anyway. :confused: i hate people that cut me off.
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Hahaha S2k owners are retarded. Me and VRMAN pulled up on both sides of a yellow one once near the mall and proceeded to rape it multiple times. He tried to run away from us but we kept catching him and reving next to it. He finally slowed down to like 30 on the freeway to stay away from us hahaha that was fun.
Car is a mid 14 second car and they swear that stock they can hang with us.....whatever.Turbo lag for us for 2000rpms but engine lag for them for 7000 rpms!
A few months ago I passed a Yellow S2000 that was driving pretty slow, But i guess he didn't like the fact that i passed him and he gunned it. He was about 6 cars back and i look in my rear view mirror and i see that the bastard has gunned it,so i did as well. He Didn't gain an inch! I guess i would've gotten spanked from a stop though.

Nice story by the way.
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