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???'s on front steering knuckle??? HELP

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ok, just a few quick questions
at the point of removing the front passenger knuckle on a 92RTTT.

1. how do I remove the ABS sensor on the backside?

2. tap on the knuckle and the lower ball joint should fall out?

3, do they make a replacement rubber cover gasket for the lower ball joint ( it's still good, just oozing grease due to cracked rubber cover)?

4. I'm doing a junkyard search for a replacement knuckle, anyone got a parts car with a spare? maybe a decent lower control arm too?

Thanks all for all yer help. this one stinkin part is making me miss a Boone gathering......... GRRRRRR
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i still need some help guys

the front knuckle is MB633286 and the ABS sensor is MB618815,
pricey parts, so if anyone has a parts car, i can send money ASAP
Ball Joint Boot part #s: MB573938

I also bought the tie-rod boots - impossible for me to replace - spent the $40 (for both tie-rod ends) from the local Pepboys after trying for 2+ hours and incurring a lot of bruises.

Ball joint Boots are a breeze!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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