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o.k. guys i'am a little confused:confused: I know our cars are much better than those civics,accords,mazda's etc..with their big tipped mufflers sounding like crap,these are the true "riceburners", but since our cars are made by mitsubishi I have had my car called a riceburner also :mad: What is my defense?:confused: :( to all of this,what have u told the people that say such things?
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This has been discussed many times. The definition of rice has been changed many times also. It used to be any foreign car that's why your being called a ricer. My definition of rice is an unproperly badged car. Like VR4 on an SL or Toyota emblem on a Ford.

Your defense should be "Do you see any improper badges on this car? I don't think so, so shut the f*ck up."
Well, I think everyone has a little bit different definition of what
rice is. My definition is anything on your car that is fake.
( ie- civic's that put a 'VTEC' sticker on there car, when they really don't ) Or simply saying your car is fast, when it really isn't.
( ie- putting a huge spoiler on your car, and saying it adds 50hp )
This definition changes form car to car, but you get the idea.
Usually people that talk crap about other cars fall into 2 catagories. 1- they have a 90hp peice of crap, and they just make there car 'look cool' for intimidation. 2- they really do have a fast car, and they want everyone to know. I would say 98% of people that talk crap fall into catagory 1. Usually to shut them up all you have to do is put some money down, and name a place and time. Then they usually will brush you off. The only people you have to watch out for is the other 2%. Like the Geo Storm I saw on this board that ran mid 10's in the quater mile. Hope this helps, anyone have a different view on the subject matter?
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i dont believe that anyone actually thinks that stickers and spoilers add horsepower, so i dont see why people beat that into the ground like they do. i personally dont have anything against ricers. sure, i laugh when i see one, but they kinda look cool sometimes. the rice boys may talk sh!t, but u can shut them up by kicking their ass. it's their car, let them do what they want with it. let them think they are fast and cool as hell. :D
It's not the Honda Civic, it's not the Honda Civic's driver, it's that other Honda where the kids have dumped all this cash into it and have the nerve to think they can run with a TT or talk smack about another car.
Hondas and Acura's are rice as far as im concerned..its just that simple...
here's your classic rycer. civic: horrible chopping of the springs (damn thing doesn't even sit level, the drivers side is a good 1/2 inch higher), but-ass ugly ground effects kit, wtf is up with the front?. i don't know if this guy stalled it there and just left it, or if it just didn't have enough power to make it to the parking space, but that's where that thing sat all morning.


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Sceptor said:
Hondas and Acura's are rice as far as im concerned..its just that simple...
I admit I feel the same way about Hondas and Acuras, and I really shouldn't. Because about 70% of the owners of Hondas and Acuras use them for their true purpose of nothing but standard transportation. It's the other lame rice monkeys that ruin it for everyone. I find myself constantly dogging on my Hondas and Acuras in front of my best friend who happens to own a second gen Integra GSR. I don't mean to say that all owners are like that and he knows it, but sometimes he does still get mad at me for it. And he hates ricers as much as I do. Oh well... Did I have a point to all that? :D
my friends own a 98 gsr..heh i always cut on them because its rice :)
our cars are definately not rice!....
rice to me is stupid additions to your car that do nothing for it...i.e. muffler tips, spoilers, stickers,etc....
and if you decide to rice out your car...thats your choice...

hondas are really nice cars...but everyone has this distaste for them because of those stupid idiots that think they can take a mother's sedan and race it....
if youre going to invest in something like least get something respectable....

as for 3/S rice... my friends have this little game they like to play... they come by on random nights and write 'Rice Rocket' on the back of my window in shoe polish...
its kinda funny....even tho 3/S's arent rice...were always going to be told so because of our import name...
rice = anything done to your car in bad taste which does not add anything to the car... ie clear taillights, 6" bolt-on exhaust tips, huge wing on a FWD car, vinyl stickers, etc etc.
LMAO! That "zip-tie mod" is hilarious!

You mean like the post for Altezza taillights that everyone is signing up to? *L*

Face facts guys, a lot of 3Si'ers are rice boysand rice girls too.
wow,guess i touched a nerve with this subject,however i always thought any asian made car was a "riceburner"because they eat alot of rice in asia!!!,however on this note i think we should start calling german cars "crautburners",american cars"fastfoodburners"italian cars "pastaburners"....u get the point
I dont think it'd catch the same as Rice burner...
guess u are right.....dam:( :rolleyes:
then by the mighty unclesam099's definition, snake eyes, the deathsled mod, removing the resonator(to some people), and aftermarket wheels are rice... :rolleyes:
american cars"fastfoodburners"
domestic ryce? we call it oatmeal
heres a thought.

performance enthusiast- person who adds aftermarkets to make car faster. "performance parts equals faster"

show cars- adds body mods, paint, whatever to make car look good for shows. "body mods equals better show car"

ricer- adds body mods, and cheap tricks with minimal hp gains, and stickers (change its appearance so it looks fast), b/c they think ppl will think they are cool, and have fast cars, even though its still a piece. "body mods equal faster???" ricers think so.

I'll admit. Some of the hondas I've seen look pretty damn good. They would make really good show cars, but horrible performance cars. Now this is only a few of the hondas I've seen.

anyone agree?
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