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Just wondering when a post is reported why isn't any feedback given? Often it seems that action isn't taken and would be nice for the reporter to know why- especially if it is a post by a non 3S supporting vendor or seller of new products for business purposes.
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Some of the vendors are in the process of getting stuff and so are still allowed, sometimes we talk about what exactly they are aka a vendor or just a person selling 1 single thing. But I can see how you would like to know. We deff arnt instant on report post though.

Even if selling one item in multiple numbers they are doing it to make a profit like a business and should have to pay to sell ie. vend their product(s) on the forum.

If it is one of a single item they are just getting rid of something they can't use these people should be allowed to do that without being a supporting vendor.

Obviously the ones other supporting vendors and I have reported have been the former sellers that are selling multiples of an item and they should be disallowed or pay like we do to support the forum and membership.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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