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Well I am hoping that this well solve two problems with one fix.

My car has developed a slight vibration at higher speeds and was not sure on the cause.
Had the tires rotated and reblanced, but no fix there.

I have had the AWD thump (play in the drive shaft) since I bought the car 15k i ago, but did not think It was a problem that needed to be addressed right away, especially when the damn things cost 83.00 bucks each.

But since the exact cause if my misterious vibration can not be determend, i feel that the excessive ability for the drive shaft to wobble is not only causing the thump between shift, but this pulsing vibration at 80 mph or so.
If I am right..well I got two birds with one stone. If I am wrong at least the only thumping I well be hearing is my stereo.

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Good luck. I have had a vibration that I've been trying to fix for 2 years and have replaced the propeller shaft and the shaft steady bearings but that didn't fix the vibration. I also have a thump when changing from 1st to 2nd gear.

My mechanic thinks the vibration is coming from the differential. I want to just replace the 2 rear driveshafts before doing anything with the differential ($2000).

Its odd that the 2 rear driveshafts/half-shafts have different prices. The left one is $218 while the right one is $265. Does anyone else think this is odd?
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