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Replacement Valve Cover

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Alright guys, I asked earlier and had no responses, so I'll try again and I want to get this taken care of tomorrow. How hard is a valve cover to pop off and replace with a new one? What all needs to come off? It's on a Celica (non-rice version) but I wouldn't think too much varies with generic valve cover replacement information...

I had some work done on my car and they mentioned that my valve cover was leaking oil and said that they would need to degrease it to make sure it's the valve cover that's leaking, then replace it, then degrease it again to see if it fixed the leak and that it would cost about $150 for parts and labor.

What all would I need to replace? Valve cover and gasket? Are they just held on with bolts? Will I have to do anything special like re-oil things or whatever when I put a new one in?

Basically... How much of a pain is it to replace one yourself, or would I be better off paying a reputable mechanic $150 to do it?

I know it was a mouthful, but I haven't really done anything but interior work on my car and I don't know a whole lot about engines - although I am competent with instructions.

Thanks a million guys,

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