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Replacement floormats?

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Where can you get replacement floormats for our car? I dont want O'Rielly or Autozone universal ones, but i dont want to pay 200 for a piece of carpet thats gonna get dirty :)

Does anyone know where you can get replacement floor mats for our cars, preferably ones that say 3000GT...
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Look for ryouki I thinks thread. He found the set of 4 for 120 bucks. Or 70 bucks somewhere else for the front two.

What about the 3si Catalog Item

Click 3si Catalog on the Home Page

imeant . . . really ORG ORG ORG . . . goes to board to write 100 times:p not

Here is link for floormats on this page

115 for 2 mats. It sounds a little high, but they look awesome and you know exactly where the money is going. :)

I'm gonna try to con the wife out of 115$ tonite :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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