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Repair Shop Portland?

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Anyone know of anyone those does a good job of our cars in Portland OR?
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John @ Gateway Auto Center
130th se stark
The local guys really don't post here in this section much. They are more active here ... NW3S :: Index
I can second [email protected] I was referred to them because they are known as "kinda" 3s specialists. They see a lot of them and there is usually a few parked in their lot. I took my 94 base Stealth there several times. They seem to shoot straight, prices aren't bad. They're fairly busy (which is a good thing).

I'm thinkin of taking my VR4 to PRE on Division though. They have a 4 wheel dyno, have turbo and other performance cars in there all day long. I always question a mechanics honesty when I don't know them though. These guys at least post hr prices for various services. Looking at their web site/projects, Hondas, Toyotas, ricers, ect I hope I don't get an "Hey I remember those. Oh, crap here's bring that in here?"
You know, while I'm at it. I hate all Midas/Mineke, type places because they always try to hard sell stuff I don't need. Go there for one thing and out comes the laundry list of "should be done" items that I know better, I don't need. BUT...The Midas right by Powell and 82nd are good people. I take my Mobil 1 and filter, Redline gear oils to them and they cut me a nice break on putting them in. Changed out headlight bulbs and wipers on my GFs Eclipse for free.

Yea, easy stuff, but I can't get my floor jack under my car and my drive way is at an incline so reading the levels ain't happenin`. One of the girls at the counter always wanted a VR4 so she likes to see them come in.
Hey OP, Aren't you missing a "T" or was it (the handle) already taken?
John B. at Gateway Auto Center really knows his stuff. He rebuilt my 6g72tt and is always helpful with whatever questions i still have for him.
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