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removing the reat spoiler?

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anybody ever removed the rear spoiler on a 97' vr-4? i saw a pic of a spoilerless supra and it got me thinking that the car would look sweet without the big hoop. would removing it greatly affect dynamics?

any insight would be great,

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:eek::eek::eek::eek: ...I saw a 1st gen base stealth w/o a spoiler and it wasnt all that attractive, actually looks pretty bad...The spoiler is there for downforce but mostly cosmetic...
I'll take your 97 hoop if you remove it! Or I'll trade you my black banana off the Stealth :)
just thinking about it....really just wondering if anybody has ever done it

man i wish i had a bannana shaped spoiler! :D
don't mock the banana man :)

seriously, if you do ever rid yourself of the hoop, consider me first in line.
I don't have a rear spoiler. I have toyed with the idea of putting a 3000gt spoiler on my stealth, but I am still deciding. I think it looks fine without one. I wouldn't want to put a banana spoiler on my car if I had a choice though :D :D :D ;) It's all up to you. Take it off....if you don't like it....put it back on....if you do like it off....sell it to mobilebeatz ;)
i will do that mobilebeatz....

seruously does anybody now if this will affect the dynamics at all? to me the thing looks totally cosmetic, but i really don't now

they are mainly cosmetic... take a look at the banana spoilers:confused: they are 99.9% cosmetic in my opinion

metrzan, what body kit is that in the after picture?
cuz it loks like veilside side skirt
and the front sorta looks like shogun
so i just wanna know what kit that is~!
cuz i like the front!
its actually not a body kit per say....its a photochopped pic that I made to see what parts I wanna put on my car, the front is a 99 bumper with a bozz speed lip, not ever sure if its possible cause they say it only fits up to the 97's. As for the side skirts, yeah they are veilsides.
cuz umm how shall i say this.. it looks fucking amazing!
and the hood i asume is all custom too?
the hood isnt custom it is a Pit Road M 6 vent hood. Jahcee can get them for about $900
hey metrzn. or me tarzan i dont know the name, but where is that pic of the stealth from, that looks great, give me a link or something thanks man
i want a link too
your wing

Hey! ive been looking for a hoop spoiler for my base stealth. I have the old banana one. If you ever wanted to get rid of yours lemme. Know. I would be willing to do a partial trade for yours and of course a couple hundred. Because i want the hoop wing. My email is [email protected] or lemme know on here.:dodge:
sq, check:

Before removing wing


It's cake to remove. Just don't strip any bolts like some idiot I know. :rolleyes:
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did you get any pics from the side w/ out the hoop?
I would leave it on there. You have an awesome car and I remember you didn't want to have to get the '99 bumper because you wanted your car to be all stock, all original. If you take that spoiler off then you're going to have all the holes exposed, and you can either leave them open and get water and rust inside (I know you wouldn't really do this ;)), or you could tape them up to prevent getting water inside (this is actually the best choice, wait & see why) because if you get bodywork done to fill them in, then your perfect car will have putty work done on it and the quarter panels and rear hatch would have to be repainted, and since the quarter panels cannot be removed, there will be overspray or at least a visible line inside the door & hatch where the new paint meets the old paint. Not to mention the color might not match exactly with the original paint. Plus I think that when people saw it they might wonder what happened to the spoiler, was it wrecked, etc. Just make sure to think it through before you do anything rash :) I have a feeling you'll stick with it.
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