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Anyone here have a remote starter?

What kind?

How much was it?

Did you have it installed or DIY?

Are you happy with it?
(Was it worth the money?)

Getting colder here in St. louis and I'm tired of getting in a cold condensated car!

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Sorry, no answer, just a caveat...

There is no vehicle in the world that I would trust enough to run itself without me sitting in it with the ignition key and the brakes within easy reach.

It may be a stretch, but picture yourself waking up in the morning, sitting up in bed, remote-starting your engine, taking a dump, having breakfast, getting dressed, going out to your car, and discovering that the throttle has been stuck at 8000 RPM for the last half hour.

To get the interior warmed up, buy one of those interior heaters that are specifically made for cars. Little blower sits in your car somewhere, you run the power cord through your firewall or out the window or wherever you want, depending on how permanent you want the installation to be, and plug it into an outlet with a ten-dollar timer on it. You may have problems finding one in St. Louis. I'm in KC now and, although I've not explicitly looked for one, I've not seen any in the stores. Canada's full of them.

To get the engine warmed up, buy a block heater, and put it on a timer too. About two hours ought to do the trick. And if you find a dealer who sells one, let me know. I gave up on the block heater quest and just picked up a hot plate from WalMart, and leave it under the oil pan all night. Some people suggest leaving a light bulb under the engine, but I figured that a lot of the electricity must be getting wasted on producing light, rather than heat, so why not buy something specifically made to generate heat?
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