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This will be a list of any regular local car meets; if you would like your meet to be listed here, please send me a PM with the information and/or a link to a thread on that topic.

For those of you in the Southern California area, head on over to, you will find lots of information about local get-togethers.


This get-together is every Saturday night (as long as there is nothing else going on that day) in the Raleys parking lot on Del Paso BLVD and Natomas Rd. in Natomas. The meet starts around 7:30pm and lasts until people get bored and leave.
Here is a link to the thread.

There is also a Sunday meet once a month. The plans vary, please see the thread for the upcoming meet on in the gatherings section.


It's in the Mc Carthy ranch area by 99 Ranch and Hot Pot City. Bubble is on the right side. People start arriving anywhere from 10pm-1am.

Address: McCarthy Ranch Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035
Link to thread.

Southern California:

Please feel free to message me with a regular meet, or go to to see what the SoCal crew is cooking up.
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