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Hi, Im going to change my tranny fluid and transfer case fluid.
I checked Redline website and I dont know which one I should choose(MT-90 or shockproof, etc).
I have 91RT/Twinturbo.
Also need to know how many quarts I need.
thanks in advance

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I'm sure you'll get lots of opinions.

I'll tell you what I did but I'd suggest you send an e-mail to RedLine and detail your situation (condition of car, driving habits, weather you live/drive in). I did this and got a very prompt and complete answer from RedLine. I'm very pleased with the results but again, these are based on "my situation".

I am using 50/50 blend of MTL/MT-90 in the manual transmission and transfer case. I have 75W90 RedLine Gear Oil in the differential. I am using RedLine 10W30 for the engine oil.

I bought my '94 VR4 in July '99 with 5100 miles on (yes, it is in factory perfect condition).
I changed out all the fluids 1000 miles later. The transmission did not shift as smooth as I would have liked but this did not seem like a problem, just (as some call it) "notchy shifting". 2000 miles later the shifting gets better every day. It now shifts smoother than both of my bother-in-laws cars ('98 Porsche Boxster and '99 BMW 3 series).

Hope this helps.

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