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Please help me again !
Mostnotlikely i spun a rod bearing.Reading all the threads made me decide to pull the engine out and rebuild it .It is a '91tt
1 what would it cost for replacing the crankcase ,bearings and rods
2 should i go with perfomance ones ( ho much more it cost )
3 just take it to a shop to resize the crankcase and the rods and go with oversized bearings( if i do this do i need to resize all the rods , recomended or neccesary) what would it cost?
any recomended shop in Nevada or California?
4 once the engine is out what else would be recomended to have done or for a low cost to modify.

i'm looking for the best price ( not neccesarily the cheapest ) for the good solution .
Thank you guys , you've been being a great help!
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