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Rear Windshield Wiper Problem

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Im trying to find why the heck my rear wiper wont work. I noticed it stopped working a week or two after some mechanic was tinkering with my active aero (dont ask). I cant seem to get ahold of him, so i tried to solve it myself. This is what i found:
Rear harness near wiper motor looks good. The only wiper fuse i could find on the car was good (#8 15A). Also, the switch does not light up, and no sound is heard when i flip the switch, BUT the switch stills allows the wiper fluid to come out.

Any suggestions on where i should look? Im not the greatest electrician, so i am kinda clueless.
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Hmm I have the same problem with the rear windshied wiper. It wont turn on but the fluid still comes out. I'm not quite sure whats going on and how to fix it either.
Rear wiper problems

I hate rear wiper problems!
I had some.


First let's start by saying that the power comes from the tail light circuit or fuse(located under the hood inthe fuse box next to the air filter.
Guess what! If you tail lights work, then your problem is further down the circuit.
Also another key element to remember is that the power has to pass through your dimmer switch to your dash lights and then on to your wiper switch and then your wiper relay.--> then onto your wiper motor. ( if you are good at reading electric diagrams it will show you all of this!

Any how, if your dash lights work then the next thing to check is your switch! Mine was broke/ one side had snaped the plastic pin.
I definitely don't recommend it but I took my switch apart(very difficult without snapping the plastic apart) I then found that the little light was burned out(by using my meter & checking the continuity). I also noticed that the switch was not engaging properly because it was tilted to one side. I drilled a hole where the plastic pin used to be and put a super small screw in it, to make the switch aligned again(also something I don't recommend unless your good with a drill and tap set.)

Then check your relay/ then check to see if there is power at the motor, which I am not sure how to do.
The wiper fluid pump is on a different circuit, not related to the rear wiper problem! Even though it uses the same switch.

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I have to agree with ARWLD-it's the switch. About $22 at the dealer if you can't fix it yourself.
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