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Rear Spoiler

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HI guys.

Well heres the question..

If you got a 1994 - 1996 3000gt.. with the rear spoiler on it..
can you take it of and put in the 1997 - 98 spoiler.. without leaving any holes in the trunk?

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I doubt they screw into the same holes, but think of it this way. I don't know much about the 3kgt spoiler, but if it only mounts on the ends (and not in the middle) you could always just put some sealant over it to keep water out, and then put the '97 spoiler right over it, no one would even see the holes, unless it has a mounting point in the middle of the trunk lid, then your SOL... :)
No, you need to fill in 5 holes. And you need to created 12 new ones
Get one like mine! :D


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Well is it duable?
has anybody perform the modification
how much does it cost? how do fou fill in the holes
how much does it cost?

Did you do a conversion to 99?
or is it 99....
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I was at the Stealership today asking the same question. They told me that the labor would be out of this world to have it done. I have a pearl white gt and they said the labor for paint alone would cost about 700 dollars.

someone answer this please, i ordered a hoop spoiler about 2 days ago. I thought it would bolt right on.
It will bolt right on. You will have to fill the holes left by your original spoiler and drill some new ones for the new spoiler though. I would recommend taking it to an experienced auto body shop to have installed. Many people have done this that I know and it looks great. I am actually doing it myself. I am also upgrading to the 97 front end
BTW, where did you get the spoiler from, and how much?
ShawnE94sL said:
BTW, where did you get the spoiler from, and how much?
give me one sec. I gotta find the website.

I payed $179
Hey, but whats the process for filling in the holes, I mean ,
with what do you fill them up ??

How much does it cost.. Or do you need a completly new trunK??

Puffe 516 where did you buy your wing, any web page?
How much did it cost, what is its name?
It's a veilside wing (carbon fiber), I bought it from, but you can view it at Originally it's around 750 for carbon fiber and 600 for non carbon fiber, i bought it for 700 exactly. hope that helps man.
the 97-98 spoiler will bolt right on to the the existing 4 holes in the hatch. It will leave 4 other holes to fill, and you will have to drill 2 new holes.

I put the 97-98 spoiler on my 92vr4. I patched the holes with aluminum and bondo.
in addition, all veilside products are made just for that particular car so there's no drilling involved. It fits right in where your old spoiler was.
Why do people call the spoiler bolt on when you have to drill holes? When I think of bolt in, I think no drilling and no bondo.

I think you may have less to fill if you have active aero, but for mine, When I removed my old spoiler, I had 3 holes in the center that needed to be filled, and 1 on each side of the deck lid. Totalling 5 holes, one of them was huge. They spot welded the holes then sanded them down and painted them. Total for paint + install was $400

ON the rear Quater Panel. you have to drill an additional 4 holes for the wing extensions.

Oh and, I have a 94 3000GT.
yeah, mine was bolt on, no drilling. 400 juss to put on and paint a spoiler?? Damn...My wing had a crack in it and they fixed it, painted my wing, and put touch up paint on my whole car where needed for only 150. prices these days for labor is crazy.
You cant bolt on a 97 spoiler without drilling holes unless you have a 97! How else would the side pieces stay on? Tape? If you drive like me you need more than tape! Besides, drilling holes is not a big deal, its filling the old ones that sucks.
Thats why Im talking about.

Do the holes after being filled look good?

or not? Does it look like there never was a hole there??
tqlla, what color is your car?
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