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For informational purposes and a sorta question. Just turned over 38k miles. Still runs great and I datalog every drive so hopefully I'll spot issues before they become problems.

Just after I bought the car, the rear O2 sensor started tripping the SEL. I'd reset it through torque and a day later it was back. Always seems to come up just before full warm up (at about 160 degrees).

I noticed that if I drove the car like I think it wants to be driven (sorta hard, pull a little boost before shifting, linger in gear until 2500-3000 rpm) the light stays off (helps with the shifting when the tranny is cold too). It's been three weeks, and it's still off. If I drive like an old lady afraid the engine is going to explode like a funny car, it comes on every time.

I should note that I monitor both the O2 sensors in Torque virtual dash - the front one is normal, the rear one not so much as in not at all. I'll also note that at light throttle (15 - 20% under light acceleration) the car feels like it stumbles somewhat which I've been attributing to the area between needing some boost and not applying enough throttle to produce it).

1. So I'm wondering exactly how the ECU is seeing this situation and why it would be that driving a little harder keeps it from tripping the check engine light.

2. Could it be that the boost/faster exhaust gas speed somehow gives just enough of a reading that the car now "sees" the oxy levels?

3. Or is it that the rear sensor is ignored when the driving is more aggressive (although the way I drive isn't really aggressive other than when the damned SUV in the other lane that thinks it's fast and all it takes is 5 pounds of boost to stop that line of thinking 'cause you ain't passing me and cutting me off)?
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