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Re-chrome or powder coat?

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My 18" stock wheels on my Stealth need re-finished. They have
some curb dings and scratches. Has anybody had thier wheels
powder coated? Or if you've re-chromed, how much did it cost?
Do you think the powder coating would look ok?
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ttt because I am interested in the answer to this myself.
Well, depends on what you like... email Dave Best for a great description of what Powdercoating would look like. He does a GREAT job but I don't think he has an oven big enough for wheels (yet).

Powdercoating will be much less expensive (I have a place nearby here that does them for around $90/wheel) and you don't have to "prep" them quite as much as for chroming.

Most of the expense in chroming is prep work so if you can do some of it yourself you can probably save some money.

Powdercoat, even "near chrome" color won't be nearly as shiny as chrome BUT it tends to be much more durable (it's thicker) and I would guess it protects against rust, etc. much better. You can also choose from HUNDREDS of different colors if you want to go the color route instead of chrome.

I'm restoring my old wheels over the winter and will probably get them powdercoated when I"m done... either that or I might cheap out and just have them painted when I have my car painted. But I'd prefer powdercoating.
I got my TE-37's powdercoated black locally. It was $60-65 a rim. The finish is VERY durable. The edge of my front left rim took a little shot when I was in that accident right before the shootout. Enough of a shot to where the camber was off. All it left was a little light grey mark on the rim that wiped away with a rag. :D
Anybody willing to post pictures of thier powdercoated or
re-chromed wheels? Trevor, it's hard to see your wheels in
your picture.:(
Here ya go Bill. Pictures from my accident back in July.
My calipers are powdercoated red now...makes the black rims look much cooler:

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I was thinking about powder coating white... not sure how it would look what do you think?


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I think white would look too pimp.
or what about re powdercoating silver... will they look like the stock silver?
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