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Razo Pedals Making me Drive Better!

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Just got some lo-key Razo Carbonfiber pedals at my local tuner shop. I'm working on my driving technique using the Skip Barber book (Going Faster), and I was having trouble learning the heel-toe..... Didn't realize that the stock pedal positions on our car make it difficult to perform this technique, let alone learn it. So I spent some $$, and got the Razo's (I liked their shape for my foot, especially for learning the HT). They make a huge difference on HT, but I have to clean up my sloppy pedal work now! They are close enough that I can't be lazy with my right foot anymore....

My question: Did anyone else have a lazy/innacurate foot problem that became apparent with aftermarket pedals? How long did it take to break the bad habits?

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I did once. I was going down a hill with a stop sign at the bottom of the hill. I was going really fast, so I had to stop real fast too. So I mashed on the brakes, and happened to catch the gas at the same time. I had no idea what was going on, so I didn't even think to put it in neutral or use the e-brake. I ran the stop sign and very nearly side-swiped someone. But its no problem now that I'm aware of it. Just a little warning for ya.

Also, this may not apply to your pedals covers (mine are kinda cheap) but when my shoes are wet, I always feel like my feet are gonna slip off the pedals.
I'm getting frustrated with these pedals. I think that my biggest problem with them is my inability to adjust the gas pedal the way I want.... and these were the best ones I found (in my opinion).... I'm trying to figure out a way to remove the stock gas pedal entirely and make a custom mount for the new pedal. I think that the additional height in the profile of the gas, without a comparable increase in profile of the brake, is part of the problem with me clipping the gas during braking. I also would like to be able to rotate the gas pedal clockwise slightly, pivoting on the bottom (this would reveal the stock pedal as it now stands, in addition to making the bottom heel/toe section stick out more, which is what I'm trying to aviod. They look awsome, and I feel that they are so close to what I want if I can just get them adjusted properly!

Suggestions would be appreciated, particularly if anyone has actually removed their stock gas pedal.

Incidentally, you can see the shape of the pedals here:
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OK, I played arts and crafts this afternoon..... I like my pedals now. I drilled 2 holes in the stock pedal, and matching holes in the metal back-plate for the Razo's, so that the pedal was positioned exactly how I wanted it (with the bottom left edge only SLIGHTLY past the stock pedal, which is further right than I could set up before). The pedal is also slightly higher than the normal Razo setup (the band fastener limits how high you can mount it). I also have the alignment on the pedal properly set up, as opposed to the way our pedals would normally make the Razo's: rotated slightly CCW. Once I had them positioned perfectly, I busted out the dremmel tool and cut off any areas of the stock pedal that showed after I reoriented the pedal. It looks good now, and is just close enough to heel toe but far enough from the brake to accomodate size 11.5's.

For anyone that mentioned to me that they had a similar problem to mine, hope this helps!

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