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radio antena from 92 TT electric

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I got a 92 antena for sale its in great condition and works just fine...anyone interest in it please post on the thread not via email. I would also like to just go with paypal to get this gone.....
asking 40.00 shipped to the 48.


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I'll take it if it has the motor on it and if it works. I don't have paypal though..
Ric in L.A.:cool:

ok you want it yoiu got it....its all there and it works. I will email my address for the money order to be sent to:

you gonna have mailm 40.00 shipped
ek2: im guessing my turbo timer i bought off you last week is in the mail? you said you were gonna mail it, but never got confirmation, please confirm: [email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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