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Racing on Freeway question

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Hi like I am crusing on the freeeway at 80mph...... then a guy pull next to you and want to go with u........ Should I downshift to 3rd and blow the mofo or should I downshift to 4th?......... I think downshift to 3rd and redline it then go to 4th..... What do you guys think?..... On the highway I got no problem on the light or cruising at 40 ... then take off..... heh I posted my humiliated story about my lost to WRX recently... I learned my lesson now (at 40mph I let it in 3rd heh... I was dumb yah yah) ....
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drop it in 3rd cause at 80MPH you wont be even close to redline you have till about 115 before redline.
3rd gear, no question about it
If you think the car is a challenge, then go to third gear. If not, just stay in fourth or fifth! lol
Heh of course man
Powered by a VR4 heh just that my guts are not there yet... cause financial hardship for being a student and all the loans are gone........ heh my VR4 rocks heh ....
Don't we run out of power like 700RPM before redline?

Another reason I'd like to see some dyno charts of HP/torque. Anyone got any up?
Some one correct me if I'm wrong here, but I believe redline
is at 7200RPM, and max hp and torque is at about 5200RPM.
So you have to take it up or near 7000, so that when
you switch into the next gear it can be around 5200 to acheive max hp and torque to pull away. right?
I'd say third simply because it doesn't top out until about 102 (that's what my manual said anyway, more power to the wheels would change that quite a bit). As for torque and horsepower numbers at rpms.... You don't want to be right at your peak, the Torque will drop off too quickly. You want to be a little before your torque peak so you can put that to use, kicking the crap out of who ever you're racing.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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