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Raced a 98+ LS1 Z28

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Raced a 98+ LS1 Z28
Not too sure of the year, 98+

He was weaving in and out of traffictrying to catch me. I think he may have been stock, don't know. He had stock exhaust. any who
we lined up a a light( even though I had to turn) And we were off
and that's it. Never saw him again. Should I report it to missing cars ,I went to about 80 before I realized he was no where to be seen "litterely" My mods are below, AND my 2nd gear syncro is out. I shifted "slow" into 2nd. I'm good!
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How do you drop a car 2.7 inches and not smash ever pothole or speed bump in the road!!!!!

Also, nice kill....but, do you meaned he turned off or you were so far ahead of him that you couldn't see him..

What the hell did you do cut the springs??? :confused: One point 21 jigga watts, I mean, 2.7 inches? :eek: {how could you have been so careless ;)}
no, I had to turn, but I went straight ahead to race. I just never saw him again he was so far behind!:D
I cut my stock springs that low on purpose. I have eibachs, but I was dissapointed in them. I couldn't notice a drop at all.I thought my struts were too strong. so I just took out the springs and put it together and it was, I cut the springs so they wont be bouncy. Right on top of the tire. I'll put a pic in my sig soon. I dont scrape. I have a steep drive way, but as long as I turn in at an angle, I dont scrape at all;)
my springs were cut another inch becuase of disapproval and i don't scrap much, just stay away from the big speed bumps. This is turning in at an angle of course.
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