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I have been searching for a race wing for sometime now and have found two companies, one has it in stock and the other is in production now.

Advanced Composite Engineering in California carries quite a few different design wings. I asked about their carbon fiber one and he quoted $950 and $550 for a fiberglass version. The picture on the lower right... It comes 6 feet stock form and they can cut it to your spec.

Another company is Breathless Performance Products in Florida is making a C-5 Corvette wing for me....same as on the Le Mans wing.. I inquired about the C-5 wing in early Nov. and we have been in contact eversince... Now they are staring on it... I would love to say I initiated the idea! Anyhow, it should be done, as I'm told, in mid Jan. I do not know the price as of yet...but will inform anyone who's interested... I will purchase it if the price is right! and will post up on my site How did those guys post the pics up here?

Tim bought the Carbon Fiber Ab Flux wing in Japan and paid quite a bit for Customs, as if the wing wasn't expensive enough. So you might want to add that into your price...

However, if you guys are interested in the Le Mans wing (do a search for "C-5 corvette Le Mans" on the web to see pics or email me if you want pics sent to you) BPP may give special prices for group purchase!


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This is something special for all track drivers!!!

I work together with a company in Sweden on designing a true race wing for the 3S cars. The company I work with are specialized in wings for race cars, the wings they make are 100% performance, this is not styling equipment. However if you like the race look then they are 100% style! The wing plane
is made out of high grade alu, black anodized is standard but it can be polished or painted.

All wings are adjustable and are available with one or two decks. Our goal is to use the existing active aero components so the wing are adjustable from inside the car and the look will be something like the 99 VR-4 wing but more "race". This wing really do work and are used on real race cars like
BTCC and Rally cross etc. It will produce more than 100kg downforce (We will do more precise calculations later) at normal track speed.

I would like to hear input and ideas from you guys and I also want to know how many of you are interested in a wing like this. (Estimated price=700$) E-Mail me PRIVATELY if you just want to say that you are interested.

I have posted a few pics of prototypes that have been made for other cars (note the corrado that also have active aero)

(Ford will show them on their Focus Cosworth at the L.A car show in Januari)

Best regards,

Mikael Akesson
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