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I know this thread should probably go somewhere else... but I wanted everybody to hear about it!!!!

I'm on this big JDM kick, so I'm looking around Kazaa for videos, pics, whatever. I run across a Best Motoring vid, they have some tv person showcaster dude in a stock R34 Skyline GTR running against two professional drivers, one in a 180 hp Trueno, the other in a 165 hp Trueno. First two-three laps, the GTR is way ahead. But the Truenos are very very close. Then, BOTH Truenos surge ahead!!!! They've got cameras filming in all three cars, and they have shots of the drivers' footwork as well! It's awesome to see all the heel+toe downshifting. The Skyline looks cool, but you've just gotta love the Initial D stylin' of the Truenos!!!! RWD, a 20-valve high-revving four, and NO WEIGHT makes the Truenos very competitive against the Skyline.

If anybody is on Kazaa, do a search for "Best Motoring", the vids kinda big, ~80 megs. But it's definitely worth it!!!!

Also got one of the JUN Supra doing a mad power drift!
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