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Quick post, low idle

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Ok, when first started, engine runs at 1500 RPM. Takes about 30 seconds to a minute to drop to 800-1000. After it is completely warmed up, RPM's drop to around 250-300 RPMs. I'm no genius, but I can tell that this is not right. With my old ECU, I had turned up the idle with the idle screw. Once I got the new ECU I forgot to turn it back down. I just turned it all the way back. Keeping in mind, this was done today, yesterday I ran my codes and there were none. Also, the car doesn't like to start as soon as it should. And once again, there are no codes.
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Sounds like the bleed idle screw is in to far. The correct adjustment procedure is here.
ok, I was under the impression that the idle screw is supposed to be all the way down. So I'll just turn it back up until I am at 700 RPM's when the car is warm. Does it hurt to run a lower or higher idle? Thanks riskeavr4
Low Idle problems

Your engine will not be able to deliver the proper amount oil at low idle, leading to oil starved bearings, ect. you should fix the problem as soon as you can.
it is fixed. It was only like that for about 1 day (or the time it took me to ask the question and get the answer). Thank you for your concern man!
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