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Quick help on fuel problem?!?!

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OK well matt and myself took my car oput this morning and it ran a little funny it was alm like a slight miss then it was popping liek it was runnign ruch we ran around a whiel it seemed to disaapear . Tonight i leave his house and drive to mien about 2 blocks away. I push cluth in pullin in the car stalls i put it in gear release cluth it running again push it in again to pull in garage it stalls. Try to crack it it just turns over let sit a min tries to start then turns over. But if i push the accelarator while i turn key it starts and runs but if i let off gas it just cuts off can drive around but as soon as i let off gas it dies. I got my opinion but I would liek to hear some others befor i start tearing it apart.
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Hmmm...Pull top timing covers off and check that. Make sure you didn't jump a tooth. Could be as simple as a vacuum leak though.
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