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Yes I have a Slow 92 Dodge Stealth Base, Can I trade out the crappy A\C unit for a digital unit from a newer model if so what do I need??

Can The SOHC handle a Upgrade to turbos?
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The four things that I know off are:
1: Dashboard sensor
2: Headliner Sensor
3: The climate control unit.
4: Some sort of a computer that is hidden behind the glove box.

I don't know what else is need but I am sure there are a few more items.

I think most people try to swap the engine with a VR4 engine. It is a bitch and from my understanding, it is cheaper to just buy a VR4 because the parts to do a swap are going to be expensive. The other option might be NOS. I am not sure if the SOHC can handle it but you might want to look into that.

Good Luck and welcome to the board

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Thanks Moe! :D, I have been reading posts here since I got my car in March and I finally reg,

VR-4 engine, What the hell is the difference then A J-spec? Or what do I have on a Stealth N\A SOHC?

I only have a Hyper intake
Drop springs and thats it,
I need opened Downpipes pipes
and how about a supercharger? Basically blowing cold air into the intake manafold.. Any idea's? Would that just totally [email protected]%K my engine??

I am new to these cars, Sorry if I sound like such a newbie.. I am
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The VR4 engines are made stronger to withstand the extra HP. I do not believe that the transmission of a DOHC will line up with a VR4 engine (I could be wrong but I think this is a correct statement)

I am not sure who might make a supercharger for the DOHC engine but someone else might know the answer to this question.

I still think the NOS is probably the cheapest option.

VR4 are VERY VERY expensive to maintain. I have spent 8K on the engine, 2K on the tranny and clutch. Also a hand full of K's for other stuff I wanted to do.

the dohc tranny will line up, i don't know about the sohc. your best bet would probably be the supercharger. the j-spec engines are only different if you are talking about tt engines, the difference being the american 9b turbos are instead japanese (hence j-spec, japanese specification) 13g turbos. post up if ya have any other questions, hope this helps and safe travels.

*edit* whoa post from the past. turns out only some of the motors coming from japan had 13g and it's quite possible they were modded by their previous owner(s). hadta correct that little tidbit. anyways... */edit*

- mike
If he has a SOHC, there is one or two people on the forum selling Supercharger kits, they are relatively easier to install onto an engine, and they actually have the SOHC setup, but unfortunately they are a bit more expensive than TT getups. Superchargers usually push less boost into the engine, but they also don't have any lag like turbochargers, so they are always pushing, instead of waiting a couple seconds to start boosting.... BUT they also are belt driven, so they put more strain on your engine, because the engine is actually cranking the supercharger over, whereas on a turbo setup, the turbo is just pushed by exhaust gases leaving the engine. Do a search in the "Parts for sale" section, check out TT Conversion posts, and search for "SOHC Supercharger" and you can see pro's and con's for each, along with prices. If you wanted to get TTs, you'd also have to get a TT engine i beleive.
The diff between normal DOHCs and TT VR-4 SOHCs are the exhaust manifolds, (stronger for the increased pressure) and the compression is 1:8 instead of 1:10, amongst some other miscellaneous things. People doing TT conversions don't usually want to push more than about 7 or so pounds of boost on their normal engine, unless they start beefing up the rest of the engine's internals, injectors, a fuel control system, ect ect. Getting a TT Conversion just opens a can of worms, becuase there are so many different aspects that you can and sometimes must improve on to gain more power, and they begin to get more and more expensive as your greed and speedlust grow, haha.
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