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Question Regrading 360cc Fuel Injectors

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Will they fit the N/A dohc engine model. 360CC fuel injectors. How much HP would they bring and how much would the labor to replace cost? also will any other modifications will be needed after putting them in? like changing computer chip?

thank you,
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you will need an apex'i S-AFC to control them. actually, a recent dyno test proved that you don't need the larger injectors, but just an S-AFC. unless you plan to run nitrous, you don't need them.
How is it possible to get more HP from just adding a fuel controller??? Dont you need more fuel to create more HP??? With the stock FI your still only gonna be able to supply the same amount of fuel with the S-AFC as with out cause the injectores cant be turned up to 150%, right???
I don't think you can swap TT injectors with N/As. There was another thread about this not too long ago.
check it, yo:

and this applies to the non turbos. dyno testing says so :p

altho i have a wierd feeling about mike's car. the tops of his injectors look just like stock TT injectors (redish brown). could be a dealer mistake or a factory freak? i'm not sure what color other 2nd gen non turbo's injectors are, but my 1st gen and all the others i've seen have green ones...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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