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I have for sale, VERY HIGH quality, manual boost controllers. I've been building and selling these for a year now. I have sold over 500. These are very compariable to the Hallman Manual Boost Controller and also the Joe. P MBC. These are NOT bleeder valves. They are a ball and spring type controller. John M on the board has one and loves it. Here is his post.
John currently runs low 12s with very minimal mods. This controller holds boost well, does not spike, and installs in a very simple manner. I have one of my 91 talon tsi, my 94 dodge stealth RT/TT, and my 92 300zx TT. (the Z is totaled, but I had one on there for a year without problems) I will sell these for $20 shipped through paypal or money orders. I also sell these on ebay. Heres a link to one of my closed auctions.
I have auctions open now also. My user name is pjr210. If you have any questions or would like to buy one, please email me at [email protected] The email address in my profile is not working and I cant change it. Thank you!
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