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Hrmmm, two injection points, doesn't really make sense. If you were going to chemically intercool twice, I think your best bet would be ON (not in) the IC and then immediantly after the IC.
By spraying before the IC you are pretty much negating its effect.
Its like this (theoretical situation, no idea what our numbers commonly look like)
Say your pre-IC temp is 210f. Say you throw in a very efficient low pressure drop FMIC. Say we see a 50f drop in temperature, so now we are at 160f.
Now say we shoot some water/nitrous/propane/whatever before the IC, depending on how cold it is when it comes out, if its just straight water, your pre-IC temp might be about 190, and we may only see a temp drop of 30 or 40. Putting us at about 160-150f, little to no difference. Now say we spray straight water after the IC, now we see another 20f drop.
Unless someone has some experiments showing otherwise, just spray something cold (propane, nitrous, anything else) after the IC, and if you spray again, spray it on the IC.
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