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I received my parts and have been able to get the sunroof back up and running again. It took a lot longer than we all expected, but I appreciate that the parts were delivered and that the sunroof is working again. I will be sure to update this post in the future if I have any issues, but based on how much I drive the car, this will probably outlast it. Cheers!

If anyone has any questions about doing it feel free to reach out. I was stupid and didn’t take enough pictures but I would be happy to share what I learned.

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I sent payment to your PayPal and sent you a pm...please respond and let me know when you ship.
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~list update~

If you are on the list please send payment as soon as possible to ensure no delays.
The list below should be accurate if the last posting, if not please reach out to me.

Everyone with a status of "shipped" should have already received tracking notification.
Either through PayPal or me; if you haven't please reach out to me. Thank you.

Group Buy List

19 sets remaining

1) Project3SI - 2 sets, received
2) stjredstorm12 - 1 set, waiting for payment
3) BusterBrown - 1 set, shipped, CANADA
4) Mr.I. - 1 set, shipped
5) MarioG - 2 sets, shipped
6) Black Beauty 95 SL - 1 set, waiting for payment
7) Paolo163629 - 1 set, shipped
8) Choguy03 - 1 set, shipped
9) PeterTitley - 2 set, shipped
10) WytePurlPimpin - 1 set, shipping details missing, PM sent
11) Insane_kid18 - 1 set, shipping details missing, PM sent
12) Italo Grasso - 1 set, shipped
13) Revilo - 1 set, shipped
14) Immortan - 1 set, shipped
15) Blue3kGTSL - 1 set, shipped
16) Will Lex - 1 set, shipped
17) Asim Ali - 2 sets, shipped
18) Kip, 4 sets, waiting for payment
19) AvEx hYpE - 1 set,shipped
20) AcidBath - 1 set, shipped
21) Adn N. Bzmi- 1 set, shipped
tkdmaster - 1 set, shipped

Back from vacation... going to find time to get those videos uploaded on my end. For those who've already installed, feel free to share pictures and videos here to provide others more confidence and tips for their own installation. Thank you.

BusterBrown, going to check on the status of your shipment to Canada this evening and pull up that tracking number again for you.
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