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Last week I took three out of the four honeycombs in my mas of my 94 tt. I started it up and it wouldn't idle for shit. I then placed a plate inside the mas on top of where one of the honeycombs should be. Sounds really stupid but I also have a 91 talon that runs in the twelves, and it's basically what I did to my talon. In that car a have a S afc and can control the air/airtemp/fuel ratio's. Do I need to replace the MAS now, cause one of the honeycombs had to be forced out and cannot be put back in. Or do I just need to get a fuel inj. control,(like a safc) or what I am really asking is there a mod that I can get that will fool the fuel inj. computer.

I may sound stupid now, but I do know what the honeycombs are there for. If you really want to know, I will hook you up to the dsm clubs thread where it is the main topic, and won't die.

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From what I can tell from takin out my MAS, the honeycombs are to direct air flow and prevent any vortexing or back pressure against the MAS. The honeycombs force the air to travel in one direction without the possibility of vortex, which probably screws up our type of MAS. Best way around it from my knowledge is to get a new type of MAS, SplitSecond Racing ARC2 comes to mind.

Did you reset your ECU after removing your honeycombs? If not, that's a real good reason why you're having problems.
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