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Doesn't someone make a Palm OS simulator for Pocket PC?

I would be surprised that nobody makes a program that would let you run a palm OS in a window on a pocket PC. But if if Pocket PC has the function of Palm OS I guess there would not be a reason to do it.

If the new datalogging software costs more than $250 you would be better off buying a pocketlogger($150) and a Palm M100($80-100) that way you could have the palm dedicated to datalogging and leave it in your car all the time.

I just bought a M105 for $130 over the internet with shipping included (3 days!)

The M105 has 8Mb of memory the M100 only has 2Mb. A M100 should be fine for pocketlogging but I actuallty use the Palm as a organizer so I wanted the extra memory.
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