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PlexiGlass Enclosures

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I will custom build a plexi glass encolusure for your subwoofer(s), i have built many computer cases this way, and now I am venturing into the sub encolsure market, i've built 3 for my 993kgt, one for 3 10w6's, one for 2 12w3's, and one for two rockford 10's, i've sold all of them to happy customers

email me if you're interested in one

[email protected]
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no ports, too bulky and waste of time on my part, mostly sealed enclosures, i'm trying to get the materials wholesale so that I can offer them cheaper, so far i have 6 people interested...if i can get 10 it would be worth the time/effort
Nominal Diameter: 12 inches (300 mm)
Continuous Power Handling: 250 Watts
Voice Coil: 2.25" diameter, 4-layer, Kapton former
Available Configurations: Dual 2 ohm, Dual 4 ohm or Dual 6 ohm
Xmax (one-way, linear): 0.46"-0.51" (11.7-13.0 mm) depending on specific model
Sealed Enclosure Range: 1.00-1.50 cu.ft. (28.3-42.0 liters) [/COLOR]
Ported Enclosure Range: 2.00-3.00 cu.ft. (57.0-85.0 liters)
VRC² Technology: YES
Sealed Enclosure Range: 1.00-1.50 cu.ft. (28.3-42.0 liters)

if u can do that at a good price count me in
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Count me in if the price is right. You can even ship it to me unassembled.
What is the price going to be like for one 10 or 12in box? Thanks!
I would be in for 2 10's or a single 12. do you have any pictures of them?
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