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Plastic pieces on seats (rear)

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This is a rare request. I need the little plastic protector caps(grey) that cover the metal hinges on the rear seats.
I need (2)

Also, need little plastic "push-out" piece behind driver's side recliner lever. It sits just behind the lever.
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if they are in a 91es i have a wrecked one. im pretty sure they are in there ill look tomorrow,thursday

Thanks...that would be great...let me know and we can arrange something

info needed

im not sure what you need.the rear seats in my car have no plastic on hinges.if you need the plastic around the rear of the front seat.i have it. it goes around lever that says memory.i dont have power seats let me know exactly the parts ya need and we can go from there.thanx

If you remove the rear seats, the bottom metal hinges should have a plastic piece covering them. The front piece I am looking for is a small piece that pops out (it is not the entire plastic trim around the seat) it sits just behind/underneath the recline can see the outline of it behind the lever, just push it and it will pop out

e mail me bro

I think I have the idea noww.The piece from the back seat is from the part of seat you sit on,take it out and on the release is a white piece of plasticc on each side you need one out of two.If thats the pieces i have both.As far as the front seat part im not clear on that,may be ours are not the same.all i see are big plastic pieces and none seemed to just pop email is [email protected] send pic or more description.if the back part is what you need i can mail it today, no charge for that little thing,plus i can mail it for less than a bottle of spring water cost,and be happy a fellow 3si guy got the thing he needed without going to the dealer.send address.send more on front plastic.stay in touch.

I don't think that is the part...the plastic pieces come off of the portion of the rear seat that your back will contact with (not what you sit on). Each backing has metal hinges (i think 3) two on the bottom and one on the top. The ones that I am looking for are located on the BOTTOM hinges. They will be rounded on the tops and open at the ends. The drivers peices is just as small. It almost looks like an arrow head with the top portion of the blade missing <-- it just pops with enough force. It comes off to allow the whole plastic garnish to be removed easier from the seating. It allows the recliner lever to slip through the plastic.

[email protected]

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