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Here's your one and only chance to get one of these things at anything less than $1400.........

Since I'm going to upgrade to the 100mm piping version I'm selling my 90mm one. I'll be willing to let it go at a "bargain" price of $1100 (considering I paid $1,400 that is). This is a pre-cut cat back that already fits the US spec 3/S's so you won't need to do any cutting or adjusting, just plug and play. Comes with a 3.5" clamp also. There's a small ding and a couple of scratches on the bottom of the pipe about 2 feet back from the cat.......left over from a couple of speed bumps I couldn't quite clear completely :mad:

This was the first Pitroad exhaust (or pitroad anything for that matter) ever sold in the US and it's been on my car for almost a year, but it's still in excellent shape. Only other oddity on it would be where the rear pipe connects to the main pipe........the idiots at the exhaust shop tried to spot weld it together because it would start to work it's way apart every now and then when I first installed it. In their feeble attempt to help, they actually scorched through the pipe in a couple of places where they welded, so I had to go over the joint with some jb weld to totally seal it. Even though they only went through in 1 or 2 places, I went all the way around the lip where the two pipes meet just to be sure that no exhaust will escape and that it's totally sealed. It actually worked out great and doesn't look bad at all. But yeah, those pipes aren't coming apart anymore after the jb weld, so it might be kinda hard to ship a long distance.

I'll try to take some pics of it off of the car and cleaned up after I get my digital camera in another week or two. That’s it for now, email me or post if you have any questions.

Here’s a link to GT Pro’s site for general info. on it in case you don’t already know…….

Gotta get to school.......later!


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