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Phantom Radar Jammer (NO MORE TICKETS!)

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Phantom Radar Detector/Scarmbler introduces a device guaranteed to make your car electronically "invisible" to speed traps - if you get a ticket while using the product, the manufacturer will pay your fine! Today, Phantom Radar offers - the Phazer. Combining a passive radar scramble with an active laser scrambler, the Phazer makes your automobile electronically "invisible" to police speed-detecting equipment. The radar component works by mixing an X, K or Ka band radar signal with an FM "chirp" and bouncing it back at the squad car by way of a waveguide antenna, effectively confusing the computer inside the radar gun. The laser component transmits an infrared beam that has the same effect on laser Lidar units. Today, Phantom Radar offers two solutions to avoid those revenue-generating speed traps - the Phazer and the Phantom. Utilizing a passive radar scrambler, the Phazer uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to fire invisible infrared pulses to confuse the laser gun by giving false indications of your car's distance, blocking measurement of your speed. If the Phazer sounds good, but you prefer to be notified when you are in range of police radar, the Phantom is for you. Perfectly legal. Some radar devices have been outlawed because they transmit scrambling radar beams back to the waiting law enforcement vehicle. The Phazer, however, reflects a portion of the signal plus an added FM signal back to the police car. This in effect gives the waiting radar unit an electronic "lobotomy." Best of all, unless you are a resident of California, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Virginia, Nebraska or Washington D.C., using the Phazer or Phantom Radar is completely within your legal rights. How it scrambles radar. Police radar takes five to ten measurements of a vehicle's speed in about one second. The Phazer sends one signal that tells the radar the car is going about 15 m.p.h. and another signal that the car is going 312 m.p.h. Because police radar can't verify the speed, it displays no speed at all. Works with laser too! The Phantom also protects your vehicle from Lidar guns that use the change in distance over time to detect a vehicle's speed. The Phantom Radar uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to fire invisible infrared pulses through the windshield. Laser guns interpret those pulses as false indication of the car's distance, blocking measurement of your speed. Range is up to three miles. The Phantom Radar begins to scramble both radar and laser signals as far as three miles away from the speed trap. Its range of effectiveness extends to almost 100 feet away from the police car, at which point you should be able to make visual contact and reduce your speed accordingly. Encourage responsible driving. While the Phantom Radar is designed to help you to avoid speed traps, it is not intended to condone excessive speeding. For that reason, within the first year, the manufacturer will pay tickets where the speed limit was not exceeded by more than 30%, or 15 miles per hour, whichever is less.

Anyway thats the introduction of the Phantom I. I still have the orginal package, the warranty card (for TICKET rebate), the radar jammer, the window mounting clip and the wires for the lighter. I bought the Phantom for $349 / 1 yr ago. Its in MINT condition and works great.

I am selling it for $190.00 + shipping or any best offer I get.
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i'll trade u the rims if u want u pay for the s/h. let me know.
150 shipped
So It dont work up close, like if he's 50 ft away? I got 1 ticket and he was real close. He shot me at the last minuite. If it does however work up close, I'll pay what your asking.
The radar itself will work everytime someone shots you. However the radar "JAMMER" will only work at 180 degrees of the front of your car, The detector will work 360 degrees. The radar catches the laser 3 miles away. Meaning if you are going on a highway and the cop shots another car infront of you, the radar will go off. The limited measure of 300Feet is for the Phazer. I believe for the Phantom it is 50-150 Feet. Here is what the brochure says that comes with the radar.

"Independent testing?" The technical expert for the State of Nebraska testified under oath, no less than five times, that the Phazer blanked out all the radar guns he tested. The State of Tennessee set out to prove that jammers didn't work and only succeeded in measuring our "punch-through" range ( the point where the police radar gun "may" get a reading: 50-150 feet from the radar) The Unviersity of Denver conducted a multiphase test program and reached the same conclusion: "the use of these jammers "AFFECT" the ability of a radar gun to get an "ACCURATE" and consistent reading, and this effect is measurable." And the list goes on from consumers, technicians and dealers.

I will tell you my personal experience. I was stopped 5 times with Phantom 4 out of 5 the cop let me go because he had nothing on me. The 5th time was when I passed him at over 130MPH and he stopped me and gave me a ticket going over 30. After I came to court and he had no evidence of my speed. Court was dismissed.

Anyway the point is why would a company give a year warranty on ticket rebate on every phantom they sell if they didn't work. If they didn't work the company would go bankrupt which it obviously didn't.

I still have the claim manuel # to send out a ticket if received but I don't know if they will ask for a recipt which I dont have.

Also the wire for the lighter will be a little off color and taped with electric tape on 2 sides because I had the wire going through the whole car and when I was taking the radar off instead of going through a pain in the ass I just cut both sides.
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Take a look at this first:

Phazer is worthless, as are all products of Rocky Mountain Radar.

- Brad
92 Pearl White R/T
Thats a bunch of B.S. even though I can't confirm my opinion or theres. All I know that I didnt get caught. Even if the cop somehow does get the speed which is a low chance, worse comes to worse you send out the ticket and they pay for it.
folks passive jammers dont work. They been tested in labs and are barely effective at extremely close range
the only jammers that do work are active jammers and its illegal as hell.....its a federal violation probably just got lucky and didnt get caught. And i thnk youre bullshitting everyone.....going 130 by a cop and getting away with it, yeah right.
passive jammers dont work. folks if they did everyone would have one by now and all the high end detectors would be useless.....its it too good to be probably aint.
I am not here to argue. I have the radar jammer for sale if you want it let me know. I have 2 things to say about this. 1) It worked for me. 2) You better of with a "PASSIVE" radar jammer or so you call it then with no jammer at all. Its not like it doesnt WORK period. It does work. I checked it with my fathers friend's laser gun myself. As I was passing him his radar showed nothing until I came up like really really close to him and after he shot me in the side he got my actual speed.

When I said I passed the cop at 130MPH I meant he shot me when I was 130MPH I slowed down ofcourse as the Jammer rang but he didnt get any evidence of me speeding.

Ill sell it for 190.00 w shipping if anyone wants it.

If not ill post it on ebay later on.

nyc228 said:
It does work. I checked it with my fathers friend's laser gun myself. As I was passing him his radar showed nothing until I came up like really really close to him and after he shot me in the side he got my actual speed.

how could you jam a laser gun if you claim the jammer is for radar....dude just get this wack shit out of the 3s board and sell it to some dipshit on ebay.
I have this exact unit and I would like to say I believe it worked for me. I was on the interstate and I heard a beep from my unit so I slowed down, nothing was around me that I could see. Then to my surprise a cop pulled out and started to follow me, It kept going off so I quickly turned it off after a minute of following and he slowed down and pulled over.

This could be mere coincidence or he was trying to get me on his radar.

I saw your site. I am not doubting you.
Listen ROVr4 what's ur problem buddy. I heard your opinion already. Now you can put your hand over your mouth and shut up. If you would take the time to read. It Jams all radars and all VG2 Laser guns.
with or without a radar jammar, I don't know if I would slow down if doing 130. What's the point?
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