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Personal best time achieved, and much improved (still slow as hell)

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well this was the last weekend for drag racing at NY international raceway park in leicster NY.
and 3si-R invaded 9 strong.

as far as my story goes.. i had a realy good time. i did beat a Twin Turbo stealth (stock, VERY inexperienced driver)

here are my NA times
R/T .732
60' 2.486 <~~~~~ this is SHIT
330 6.600
1/8th 9.976 <~~~ thats not bad
Mph. 72.58
1000 12.864
1/4 15.272
mph 93.74

previous best at Thompson drag raceway OH.
R/T .695
60' 2.306 <~~~~~ why the FUCK couldnt i pull THAT today
330 6.540
1/8th 10.028
Mph. ??
1000 12.939
1/4 15.531
mph 89.434

when i beat the TT he bogged the launch.. obviously.. but by the end he was gaining and i only beat him by .250 seconds. but i still won and i have it on tape! :)

DREW. are you running drag radials? if so whats your 60'times?
and is it true that if you chop off .10 from your 60' time it = .2 at the end?
bc if thats true then if i had cut a 2.3 like i SHOULD have. i would have run a 14.9x i think.. DAMMIT. we were going for one more pass and it started POURING . :mad: only got 3 runs.. 250 something cars came out today and it was a cluster fuck of idiots.. no orgainization..
anyway. i have to wait 26 weeks to do that again.. :( BUT this time i WILL Be armed with NOS. i think ive given up on the race built engine thing.. too much money for not enough result.
all i wanna do is crack into 14s. .and i woulda been happy.. but NO! lol i SUCK at driving.. lol
ok.. enough ranting.. anyone got any tips for launching?
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not a bad run man!! it's only another 6 months man! be happy u got 3 runs in! I went to the track yesterday and the line was 2 hours long....didn't get a single run in! :-(

No drag radials yet. We have Kumho 245-45-17's that are worn to nothing. A good 60 foot is the key to a good ET. .1 in your 60ft is worth double or MORE in the 1/4. Think about it: 60ft is SHORT, and if you can take off .1 in that short length, just imagine the rest of the 1,320ft.

Your MPH is what you use to judge what you should be running. With a good launch on street tires, you could run about a 14.9-15.0 with that mph.

My best run is:


Jamie's best 60 foot is a 2.188, but last time we went to the track she smoked the clutch before her run and only ran a 14.768 @ 94.88 w/ a horrible 2.246 60ft.

This Thursday we're shooting for better times.
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damn man 2.1xx 60' is AWESOME! what tire pressure are you using? i think i just had the regular street setup, at 32psi.
what techniques do you use to launch? ie. tach then dump, or do you feather the clutch then hammer the gas? it was so hard to hear anything the engine was doing yesterday.. so loud..

wishing i could run 14.xx, im pissed i lost 5 bucks.. :mad:
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