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I have a pair of Cardone aluminum brake calipers.
Bought them, installed them and they have been on the car since. I honestly do not recall putting a single mile on the set up, and the pads that I bought to go with these have no wear to them either... but to be fair, as I am not certain, if they have seen use it is under 100 miles tops.

These are brand new, not remans and not knock offs. The remanufactured Cardone 2-piece calipers I am listing here are selling online for an average of $130 FOR ONE and do NOT include the bolts for mounting... I am offering BOTH for $200 + shipping with all associated hardware, I will include the like new brake pads for a visual reference for purchasing replacements and I AM NOT LIABLE FOR YOUR DECISIONS IF YOU DECIDE TO RUN THE PADS ON YOUR CAR, while pads show no physical, cosmetic or structural damage they are old as fuck... it is not something I would put on my car and drive my son around with there for cannot say they will be ok for you to drive around on, it is a morals and principles thing for me. Upon inspection every aspect of these worked just as the day they were removed from the box.... and for being installed for 10 years now the bleeders are still brand new. These are aftermarket / performance upgrades that are direct bolt to many if not all of the 3s cars (see fitment chart below in first reply to this post).

Any questions please feel free to reach out. (I only have pictures of one of the calipers available on hand at the moment. Both are identical in every way possible including the cosmetic appearance of them, I can upload more pics if requested I will be at the shop where the calipers are at tomorrow).


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