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My wife and I just built a new house, and consequently the beast has to find a new home. It currently has a busted xfer case, but I'll fix it prior to selling (either buy a new one or replace via recall). My mod list is fairly extensive and primarily purchased from Dynamic Racing, but here's a pretty accurate list of the mods on the car (may not be all inclusive because I'm probably missing something):

DR650R turbos
Denso 720cc injectors
Walbro Hi-Flo 255lph fuel pump
87mm Big Bore MAF
Blitz DSBC Spec-R
ATR Downpipe
ATR Test Pipe
Borla Cat-Back
Greddy Type S BOV
Krank Vents
SP Engineering ECU
3rd Gen Valve Lash Adjusters
RPS MAX 6 Puck Clutch
DN Performance Precat Eliminators
DN Performance Intake Pipes
DN Performance I/C Pipes
Wilwood 6-Piston Brakes
8" S&B Powerstack
GONZOPerformance 3S Shifter
3SX Motor Mounts
Mueller Flywheel
PST Carbon Fiber DS (1 Piece)
Autopower 4pt. Roll Bar
Autometer Phantom Boost Gauge
Autometer Phantom EGT Gauge
Split Second ARM-1 Fuel Meter
Red Leather Shift Boot
MOMO Shifter Knob
MOMO Pedals
Enkei RP01 18x9
Yokohama AVS-I 255/35/18
Palm Logger
Unorthodox Underdrive Pulley
Eibach Pro Kit Springs

Not Installed, but coming with the car (if desired) -
IPO Propane Injection with EWS
Omnip_1 2x60mm gauge pillar
Omnip_1 3x60 Center gauge Pod
2 Plenums
Polished front and rear valve cover
Unpolished front and rear valve cover
original IC piping
original DP with stock CAT (that I pass smog with every 2 years)

As you can see I have a lot of cash (and time, and TLC) invested in this car and I really hate to see it go, but it has to go. I'm looking for $16000 but I'll consider any offer. I prefer to sell this to someone here but I WILL sell it. My new house needs too much stuff for me to keep it any longer.

I also have a trailer and a means to transport the car so if I need to deliver it we can work out the details.

PM me here, email me - [email protected] or [email protected] or call my cell 937.475.0372 to discuss questions, concerns, or make an offer.

I can take detailed pics for anyone who wants them I can also show the car whenever. I am in PA for the rest of this week but I plan to push hard to sell it next week (locally as well as ebay).

The car has a clean title and has never been in an accident. It is a road owning monster and continuously blows people away (both with how good it looks and how fast it is). The car has only seen 1 winter since 1993.

Here is a relatively high res pic of the car over the winter (in storage).
hi-res pic

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where in PA are you? im in the harrisburg area and was wondering if i could come take a look at it if it's not too far away, im pretty interested, more pics would be nice also, [email protected], thanks,

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I'm in PA on business. I live in Dayton, OH. When I return I'll take a ton of pics and get them out to whoever is interested in seeing them. If you are interested I'm sure we can work something out to get the car to you.

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Thanks Kujax. Bump - Someone make me an offer. If I can't sell it I will probably part it out (which I hate to do cause this is a beautiful car but I need the cash).

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Hmm,well if you decide to part it out,I would be interested in the DR650 turbos,I know they are NEW for $2,099.00
basically I got first dibs on the DR650 turbos! well hopefully..
Keep us posted!

[email protected] pure street trim how much boost were u running? pump or race fuel?

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I hate to be a vulture Mark, and I'm very sorry to hear you're selling your car, it has always been one of my favorites, but if you decide to part out the front brakes, I'll take them off of your hands.


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Good luck with the sale, Mark.
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