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!!!!!parts for out garage!!!!!

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okay some more parts for sale...

factory twin turbo pistons
$40.00 ea

factory twin turbo rods
$40.00 ea

18x9 chrome 3 piece zxpeed rims w/ nitto nt 555's
best offer(paid 3300 for wheels alone)
refer to post: for pics of wheels

hks super dragger exhaust
best offer pic:see above

APR spoiler
best offer

playstation 2
best offer

3000gt 2nd generation side skirts
best offer

also, a set of factory turbo manifolds and intercoolers

email me wth offers....
[email protected]
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Going to bed soon, don't have time or energy to type a huge post.....
I'm interested in the sideskirts. I'll E-mail you tomorrow some time.. Ahve a good one.
I'll take the exhaust for 100 - 150, that's my best offer, not much but it looks rusted.
i can assure you that the exhaust is in great shape...the exhaust is very very dirty in the pic...
VR4, is the super dragger a single or dual tip system?

Also, what would you take for the manifolds? If you don't want to post it, please shoot me an email.
i'll buy your rims for $4! ;)

dude is your car still @ Gt-Pro? i gotz to go and check out that bad boy one of these days.
can i see a picture of the apr wing? What style is it, and is it in new condition? I'll make an offer once I know these...
I'm interested in the exhaust. Have a range of expectation?
ill take that PS2 for 50 bucks. broke.
heres a pic of the pistons......

also...i have a ton of stereo stuff for sale....
2 jl audio 10 w3's

a punch 800aII
best offer
i *may* sell my head unit...
eclipse 7001

heres a pic of the wing

email me guys...i dont have any use for any of this stuff.....
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I'll give you $200 for the wing +whatever shipping cost is. Let me know.
also, a used rps stage 2 clutch thats about 40% worn...prolly about 10-13k miles left on it.....

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Again, I am interested in the exhaust. What are you looking for? Can you compare it to the standard HKS street catback? better flow I'd assume...
I sent you an email bout the subs and stuff....

heres a pic of the wing......

p.s. i can get a different set of side panels and different height pedestals if the buyer is interested. the wing is brand new, and has never been installed.....take a look at any of the super street magazines, and there should be an ad about A.P.R.(the company) you may get any of the various style parts mentioned above....
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I'll offer $85 for the PS2
Paypal ready.
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