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The long and short of it, just tired of dealing with little issues constantly. Anyone who's been around this board a few years knows the various setups I've created with this car. Time to retire from the 3S game. Thought about selling the car as a whole, but chances are, I won't get the $ for it I'd like to get considered the money invested over the last 15 years so... time to part out.

Here's what's still available. (edited)

(Obviously, people that want to buy multiple items are sections of items (for example, headers AND o2 housings AND downpipe all together) will be given more consideration for ease of sales/transactions... I will decide who I sell to, so there's no dibs or anything like that. Payment in full will be required (along with shipping) before shipping ANY item(s) out. Buyer will pay all shipping and/or applicable paypal fees.

I can post pictures of some of the items, but it might take me time to do so upon request. Please have patience.
This setup netted over 900AWHP with different turbos. The current TD05s, made 755AWHP at only 60% wastegate duty cycle. Easily 800AWHP on those turbos with my current setup, if pushed harder.

Turbo/Exhaust Package
* FP TD05 68HTA Turbos - externally gated (x2)
* 3" O2 housings with external gates and 4" downpipe
* 4" Downpipe with 3" merge O2 pipes (all v-band)
* Tial 21psi wastegates on the 3" O2 housing (x2)
$2250 for the entire package

Kaaz Rear LSD (already installed!) 1100
AEM EMS v1 400
5sp AWD Transmission w/300m OS 1350
FMIC with IC polished hardpipes - 2.5" (turbos to FMIC) to single 3" (post FMIC) and 24x13x3.5 Bell core 875
5 Zigen wheels 625
3" pre turbo intake pipes w/filters 195
2.25" pre turbo intake pipes 140
2-tone Leather seats 550
TD05 front/rear headers (heat-coated) 900
4" custom catback exhaust (single) 350
Chassis/shell with 6 point cage and immaculate brand new paint job (cost over 8k) 1750
Custom front bumper (might sell with chassis/shell) 500
575 Hood with scoop - carbon fiber (might sell with chassis/shell) 475
AEM wideband O2 40
Fuel pressure gauge 25
Chrome Injector Harness 20 (1 style left)
Chrome custom Battery Tray 50

AEM meth kit (WITH the custom made tank/enclosure for the trunk) SOLD
Oil temperature gauge SOLD
Blitz SBC-ID boost controller SOLD
5sp AWD Transmission w/300m OS, Quaife front LSD, SCE Center LSD SOLD
Stage 3 heads w/ high rev springs and Pampena head lift fix SOLD
Built 6g74 short block (all forged internals) 3.54L - great condition! SOLD
Custom chromed intake manifold w/ chromed Q45 TB SOLD
Accusump SOLD
Solid motor mounts SOLD
Carbonetics triple carbon clutch SOLD
Transfer case w/ front&mid SS housing &e2k TC bracket SOLD
300m rear half shafts SOLD
1000cc Injectors SOLD
PTE 750 injectors SOLD
Ford IAC motor - external SOLD
Polished thermostat housing 6g74 SOLD
5 bar Map sensor SOLD
IAT sensor SOLD
4340 6g75 (3.7L) crankshaft SOLD
6g75 chamfered pistons (3.7L) SOLD
Chromed ported lower intake mani (6g74) SOLD
BC 272 Cams SOLD
UR Cam Gears SOLD
StopTech 332mm front brakes SOLD
AEM serial gauge 60 (display 6 different variable outputs from the AEM, TPS, Coolant, O2, Oil Pressure, MPH, etc.)
Car trailer (brand new paint/wiring/lights) SOLD
Miscellaneous long block hardware/brackets for 6g74 SOLD
AEM O2 gauge SOLD
AEM wideband O2s SOLD
AEM serial gauge SOLD
Chrome Oil Cap SOLD
Chrome Brake Res Cap SOLD
Chrome Cluth Res Cap SOLD
Chrome Spark Plug Plug (Stealth) SOLD
Radiator package - SOLD
* 3SX single pass radiator
* Custom shrouding for better cooling
* Super Hi-flow radiator fans
Fuel Feed/FPR package - SOLD
* IPO Dual Feed fuel lines
* Polished fuel rails
Walbro fuel pump x2 SOLD
Walbro fuel pump x2 SOLD
Setrab Oil Cooler SOLD
Megan Racing Coilovers SOLD
96 Stealth replica wing SOLD

Anything I missed, you name it… There's probably things I am forgetting.

(I'm guessing I don't have to say this but... YES, everything works. I'm not selling crap that's broke or messed up.)


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Can't charge people the fees for PayPal, change your post and add 3~% to your prices. :) It is against PayPal's TOS, and the 3Si selling terms as well.

Also, would you ship both aem widebands to Canada? Should fit in a flat rate box.

Sad to see such a nice high HP Stealth leaving the scene.

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is that aem o2 gauge wideband? If so I'll take it now.

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Very interested in the 575 if you're willing to ship it.

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What would it cost for you to NOT part this out? Such a beautiful set up.
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I'll take the cam gears.
I want to be 2nd in line for the cam gears if for some reason your deal doesn't go through.

It is sad you are parting it though, as no one could replicate the build for just the cost of a parts list. I always thought it was one of the nicest cars here.

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Pmd about injectors.
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