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Writing this just in case anyone in the future has the same issue as me.

1. Introduction to the symptom and problems: My car's turn signals and hazard lights would work in my car. For a very short time, only when I first turned the car on. I could see the lights flashing on my dashboard. I did a run around of the car and saw that all of my bulbs were in order. When first turning on the car, the turn signals and hazard lights would work for 1-6 flashes MAX and stop working. This was always true for the hazards and left turn signal, but the right one might last a drive around the block. After the first 1 or 2 blinks, the rate at which the turn signals activated would become sporadic and fluctuate in speed, then eventually stop working altogether. Weird, right? I will go over anything related to turn signals and possible fixes to your turn signal issues (because checking these things are a good measure to take anyway.)

2. Understanding the issue: When I first bought my car, the first thing I did was gut the interior to clean and rebuild the AC. In the process, you have to remove the hazard light button. This must be plugged in for turn signals to work. This might fix your problem.


Assuming you removed the dash, there is a computer in the location below that controls things like turn signals and hazards, dash lights, head lights and more. This will be plugged in for 99% of people.

Location of computer

Next, check your fuses. Make sure they are not blown. It is literally a 3 minute check. If you have read that the horn and hazard / turn signal relay is one in the same, you are correct. Relays do not often go bad and you can test this by honking your horn. My horn has always worked so I knew my problem was not the relay (and chances are, it's not yours either)

Interior fuse box,,

Under hood fuse box,, red: hazard fuse / green: horn relay

Make sure no wires are cut. This is standard, you will most likely be fine as long as somebody wasn't fucking with the wiring.

3: The FIx "I've done all these things! My turn signals still don't work! WTF!!!!??"

I had checked everything above, and everything checked out. Surely there was something else I could look into?. While reading some forums, I stumbled upon some interesting information: a flasher unit / computer. There is flasher unit is DIRECTLY in front of the OBD port (which is located right next to the interior fuse box)

This is what the box looks like on my 1991 Stealth R/T NA, Part number MB627893

This is the bread and butter baby. I removed this from the car with the single bolt holding it to the wall. It goes right where the hole is in the metal bracket. One the side there are 4 clips that need to come up to pop it away from the PCB. I can't remember if there are screws. When successful, it took me one glance to notice something off. There was apparent flux residue left on the PCB, strong buildups in some areas and not in the others. I also noticed what appeared to be splotchy solder, as if someone flicked a paintbrush with solder on it, right in between 2 connections and randomly in very select few spots. Here is an example. (This is a picture of my A/C unit. Your PCB will look different)

I cleaned the board with a toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol to get rid of the flux residue, and used my soldering iron and desoldering braid to remove these weird patches. I also took the time to make sure all joints were solid, I'm sure none were actually cold solder joints but some could have definitely used a little bit of solder and a reflow. (Which those joinst got) Upon putting this back together and getting it in the car, my turn signals and hazard lights now come on right away 100% of the time, blink consistently 100% of the time, and stay on 100% of the time (when they are supposed to be on.)

Thanks for reading my writeup.
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