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OT: Well, I broke myself again yesterday

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Damn right knee dislocated playing basketball. I have the worst luck. I did the same thing to my left knee about a year ago the day before homecoming. Well, at least I get to stay home from school and lay in bed for a few days. It gives me a chance to catch up on Dragonball Z :D :D
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That sucks. Seems like everyone except me has bad knees.
That sucks. Seems like everyone except me has bad knees.
nope my knees are fine, my shoulders are another story altogether.

Riceboy, that sucks man, hope you recover fully.
My left knee messes up on me sometimes, as well. My knee problem comes from a car wreck =(
I've had a herniated disc since i was 14...gotta love back pain, and numbness in the feet.

anyone else with back problems? i know i'm not the only one.

My knee & my back. 2 cracked vertebre in my lower back from HS football. Tore the ACL in my left knee this year in a 4-wheeler rollover.
2 fractured/dislocated ribs on my left side..
(skateboarding and football injuries)

Dont really bug me unless pressure is applied to the area...

(Or i get hit there while sparing with friends :mad: )
screwed up knees....recently broken finger(i break/fracture them all the time in bball)
I ruptured all of the tendons and ligaments in my right ankle last year and had to have surgery to reconect them. It pissed me off cause I did it playing basketball in PE and we only had about 2 mins of the class left when I did it.
You have the same problem I got, I can't remember what disc it was though, but it stopped me from playing baseball my junior year. Get home from practice and I have cramps in my back so bad that I couldn't walk, That was not very fun. Later,
I have had... complete fractures on both sides of L5...they are going to stay at about 50% healed for a long, long time. (happens one more time I get fusion, and/or rods and clamps) I'm only 17 too :) Also partially tore 2 lateral ligaments in my knee, partially torn cartiledge(sp*) in my right wrist. Now my stomach is messed up from pain killlers :(. But its all good.

My advise...actually let things heal...don't try to keep on playing with the aid of vicadin or codine. :)

I know your pain! It stopped me from playing Hockey, and all other sports for a period of 3 years (luckily i picked up playing drums as a hobby instead). i'm just now starting to get into it..i believe i herniated the L4/L5 disc and it was because i'm extremely unflexible, i have to stretch now before i do absolutely anything. kinda sucks, but at least i can play now.


PS: I'm only 17 too
Sorry to hear that dude. Well here's my list - Broken hand, skateboard. Four procedures on right shoulder from 30 years of baseball and softball. Cracked ankle, softball. Broken finger, softball. Torn anterior gastroc (inside calf muscle) softball. Ruptured disc at L5-S1, laminectomy surgery. Burst fracture C-5 neck vertibra, car accident (hit while stopped).

Add in appendix and colon surgery and probably some things I've forgotten at the moment. I've currently been out of work most of this year since breaking my neck. Pain is no stranger to me unfortunately.
Ouch, I have had only a few other injuries i can remember off the top of my head. Smashed my right elbow into little pieces (had to have little steel rod put in and 2 large metal pins), split my head open once, hairline fracture in my left forearm, and i think thats about it. Before they popped my knee back in they knocked me out with demerol, but apparently i didn't stop talking. I've been hearing stories about how i was cursing out every one of my teachers and yelling at the hospital staff for touching my leg too much.
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