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OT: Paging nitroucf or anyone that goes to UCF...

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I've been thinking about starting school up in the spring and the deadline is the 15th. I managed to get Friday morning off of work to go do the paperwork, but I need directions. Any help would be appreciated.

p.s. I know I can do it online but that page is so poorly, I'd like a tour of the campus.
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Im pretty sure they have directions on their web site, i think thats where i got them when i went to visit. Its not a bad looking campus. everything is very new.
from your house..take a left onto John Young Parkway....go straight..all the way down until you reach the greenway...take a left on the greenway...go straight on greeneway for (approx:60 minutes for a Honda Accord) (you will need toll money)...get off on University BLVD first exit not second...go down to end of university at the last light UCF will be straight ahead

*Disclaimer* Use these directions at your own risk.
oh man good luck :eek:

There admissions are f-ed up. I had to yell, kick, and scream to finish in 4 years. If you sign up, they will try to trick you into taking 12 hours rather than 15. This is due to the over population problem.

What are you gonna major in? I got my degree in Business Administration MIS and my wife got hers in Motion Picture Technology. If you go for either one of those I can hook you up.

Find university drive and take it all the east til it dead-ends into UCF. At the light (inside ucf) take a right. You will see the admin building on your left. Park in there if you can find a spot. Good luck!

Thanks guys. I'm not majoring in anything. I just want to take a few refresher courses to supplement my career (art). Just want to take some figure drawing, sculpting, color theory, etc. You won't believe this, but I never had any formal art training in school. Everything I know is pretty much self-taught. :rolleyes:

....I also want to meet girls. :D
A fast way to get there is take I-4 to the 408'll eventually hit the 417 north, take it. After the toll plaza ($0.50) get off on the next exit (University, you'll be headed in the right direction)..........You'll head straight into campus. Visitor parking is across the street from the Admin. Building. At the light make a right and the street will curve around right past the admin building. If you want, I could meet you there to help out.......I gotta be there for class at 11 anyways.

I'll try to by at the Admin building at 10:30.
I'll meet you out front of the Admin building (parking lot side) at 10:30
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