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OT/Need an ISO of adobe premiere 6.0

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anyone have an iso image of adobe premiere 6.0 that I can download. I had a legit copy, but the disk I was using is trashed. I don't need the serial number as I still have it. Adobe is being a PITa about getting me another copy.

If that fails anyone with a version that I could use wouldbe helpful.
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I think I do, I'll check after I get out of the shower LOL... I don't feel like sitting down naked and going through a few hundred CDs

btw..what're you doing in the shower with your pc?:p
LOL I was just getting ready to jump in and I had to check the board..... Am I the only one that has the board as his home page and has to refresh it at least every 5 minutes out of fear of missing something?
come on man you can;t still be showering..:D :D :D :D :cool:
I have it as a RAR file...Check your Private Msgs.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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