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Ot: I'm Fuming, Idiots

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today is halloween as everyone knows, and i was having a pretty shitty day all day, I had to put in overtime at work and didn't get out to enjoy the festivities till about 830-9, so anyways, I went out egging with some buddies of mine and as I was driving along University drive( the biggest/busiest road) in my city, and this stupid kid from my school is wlaking down the street, he looks at me and my buddies and as i was driving from the light he eggs my car!!!! NORMAL people egg cars when no one is aorund this fool had the balls to throw an egg at me for no reason at all, and while i was driving IN the car nonetheless! it irkes me to no end. I chased him down to his hood, he has a front gate to stop people like me, I broke it down and went in to look for him, i didn't find him but i egged every car in front of his apartment building in hopes of hitting his family car. And for all you people who are thinking what right do i have to talk? plenty, i only egg the people who i know and who annoy me to death, i dont randomly egg people cept for the lot in fornt of this fool's apartment.:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: I feel like knocking out all his teeth, as if he thought i wouldn't know who hit my car or i wasn't gonna do anything about it.
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Too bad your car got hit...

However, Karma will always come back and bite you in the ass. Things aren't always as funny when you're on the other side.
You know the old saying, what goes around comes around! ;)

I dunno, maybe its just me but isn't egging kind of juvenile? Plus what about all those innocent peoples car you egged.

Egg Fact for the Day
Leave egg on your paint for a couple days in the sun, and it'll etch your paint.
My Motto: NEVER fuck with another mans car. Although it seems to be justified in your case.
Bummer when you go out egging, and you're the one who ends up with egg on your face! So a bunch of people who know nothing of you, got their cars egged by you, just because you were trying to get one guy who made you look stupid?

Sounds like you do just fine being stupid
all by yourself! That is so wrong kid. Grow up.....pleeeeze :(
Oh, and just to clarify, NORMAL people do not vandalize other people's property. It sounds like you received a first hand lesson in 'The Golden Rule.'
oh come on.. my friends threw a water ballon at my car and i almost kicked the shit out of them... if someone threw a egg at my car... i'd be in prision i'd fucking kick thier ass so hard. Man you totally deserve it though... i mean come on.. egging people's car? I did some of that kind of stuff but like in 6th grade... you have a lic i assume so your at least 16, you work... and you go out egging thats just wrong... grow up...

EDIT: To clairfy what i did was throwing water ballons.. at houses and stuff nothing to do with eggs...
I didn't have to read past your first run-on sentance to realize you got what you deserved. WTF are you thinking? You just vandalize a dozen or so cars because someone pulled the same bullshit that you were driving around pulling on other people?

And now you want what from us? A 'good job' or 'way to go'? Grow up.
Uhh ... grow up.

I hope you get egged again. It's vandals like you that start that shit any way. I say you deserved it and I'M GLAD you got egged. Serves you right.
Hey what part of Coral Springs are you from? I lived there for 8 or 9 years while i went to school. Now I am 19, let me know, maybe we went to the same high school. You go to Douglas or Coral Springs High? Let's talk
Yea thats not cool at all. I have had my car egged before, just because it was halfway in my yard and halfway in the street.
It's a bitch to clean up to make sure it doesn't scrath your car.

HAHA! I think it's pretty damned funny. You go out egging cars and/or people and some guy throws and egg at you!!! HAHAHAHAH That's hillarious! Then you bitch about people egging your car, but you egg many innocent people's cars into the process of trying to get him back! And you talk like you got mad because he done it when you were IN your car and not when the car was all by itself. So if he egged it while you were in your house or something you'd just be like "eh, kids..." Fuck dude, I'm almost 20 and I don't do that shit... mainly because I'd be SOOOO pissed if someone egged my car that I wouldn't do that anyone else. If you're such a hard ass then egg PEOPLE not cars. They can fight back ya know, cars can't.
Complains about his car being egged, then turns around and does the same to a host of other cars, whose owners almost certainly had nothing to do with his misfortune. Excellent plan. Sometimes you have to be the better man...
Looks like you got what you deserved...

Akira is right, NORMAL people don't vandalize...idiot's's punks like you who I like to deliver ass whoopings to

I'm embarassed that you even own a 3000GT
Yum, eggs.
How old are you dude....14? Some young punks thought they were tough and egged my brothers car last night because it happened to be in the driveway. When the egg broke it scratched and damaged the black paint. Next year I'll be on a watch all night if I have to, chase them down and kick the shit out of them.

How dare you come here and bitch to us when you were out doing the same shit to other are a discrase to our community. People like you are the problem in our society. You got what you deserved and hope that at least you learned a lesson here.

92 RT/TT is embarassing that we share virtually the same are the Websters dictionary of a FUCKTARD!! YOU are the one that has balls the size of the universe by saying how you were going out egging and your car got egged. What a fuckin' dick you are. I hope it fucked your paint up real good too. If you have a problem with someone...say ME for example.......come up in my face and tell me....don't fuck with my property. Do I understand you correctly, it is OK to damage other peoples property...but not yours? At least the other guy had the balls to look right at you and do it...I give him 10X the credit I give you you spineless pussy.
My car was egged while I was driving late one night. Probably some kids, they were on a hill overlooking the road. Washed the egg off right away, but the shell scraped the paint off where it hit.
KrazieFOO, although I am enjoying the irony of your story (not to mention the fact that you have no clue that it is ironic,) the fact remains that fucktard is much too weak a name for stupid little shits like you. Either grow up or sell your car to someone who deserves it, and get yourself a Civic.
It's pathetic the way people think these days... so many idiots out there have a skewed sense of right and wrong. These people have no sense of honor or respect. What kind of losers raise morons like this?

We need more chlorine in the gene pool.

Anyone who goes out to damage property by any means is an asshole. Sledgehammers or eggs, its doesn't matter. I catch anyone egging my car, they better pray I dont catch them or get their license plate.

To bad he didnt freeze that egg before he chucked it at you. It might have knocked some sence into your dimwitted skull.
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