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OT: For you computer guys, temp files

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Lately, I have found a plethora of kewl web animations. Bin Laden stuff, that Ninjai flash animation series, etc.
I would like to save those onto my hard drive so I don't have to access those websites or wait for the downloads to replay them.
How/Where do I find those temporary files so I can permanently save them?
I use Netscape 4.75 almost exclusively.
Thanx for your help, I can't find the temporary it possible to remove them all so that when I reload an animation page I will know that the files in the temp folder are the ones I am looking for?
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No need to go browsing through temp files, unless you know the names of the files it would be too time consuming. Just go back to the sites and right click then save as.
the right click won't work because that pulls up flash player options....
any other thoughts?
Try file --> save as (in IE anyway... should be the same in Netscape)
What about C:\Windows(or WINNT)\Temporary Internet Files\
Then just look through them for all movies, real player files, flash videos, etc.
Well, since I assume most of it is streaming I don't know where it would be saved, if all of it is saved at all. Try looking through temporary internet files, but since i never saved flash movies to my hard drive I don't know how to.
I don't think you can save a flash file that you viewed because they use the flash player plug-in... and it's all streamed.

Perhaps if you used a download manager of some sort?
yep, the File - Save As command worked great. You can do that once you have downloaded and viewed the clip....
Thanx for the help.
Nope, you were right... that SAVE AS command only saved the html location, not the actual animation clip.... any other thoughts on how to save it to my hard drive>?
Look for a file with the same name in your cache files. Move it to another area of your HD. Browse to that area. The file probably won't be associated with a program, so right-click and choose "Open with..." and select Netscape.

That should do the trick - it worked great on the Colon Powell "Hey Mr. Taliban" video.
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